• "At the Foot & Posture Clinic, we offer personal consultation, assessment, and manage special problems of the lower limb biomechanical system. Our aim is to deliver the most updated and high quality treatment. We seek to make a difference in the lives of people by keeping quality at the core of everything we do. "

How we can help?

We specialise in the importance of maintaining a healthy foot. This is done through education of individuals on the common foot problems and their possible treatment options right from childhood to adulthood. Our belief is in deep and lasting relationships which help our patients to achieve what’s important to them.

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Our Team

The podiatry team are instrumental in the follow-up and surveillance of the foot wounds in the long term.They form a key role in the combined diabetic foot clinics with the diabetologists, vascular surgeons and the pedorthist (make suitable footwear according to requirements).

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Conditions we treat

Bunions? Hammertoes? Neuroma? Plantar Fasciitis? Ankle pain? Metatarsalgia? Corns/Calluses? Stiff Big Toe? Flat foot? Limb length deformity? Cavus foot (rigid high arch)? In-toeing? Out-toeing? Diabetes? Fungal nail? Ingrown Toenail? Warts and Lesions? Shin Splint? Achilles Tendonitis? Knee pain? Hip pain? Lower back Pain? Gait Anomalies?…

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For Children

Do you notice that your child: Walks funny… Falls down quite often? Has a bad posture? Or is your child often complaining about: Foot pain? Lower leg pain? Knee pain? Hip pain? Lower back pain? Or has your child being diagnosed with: Growing pain? Severs Disease? Osgood-Schlatter Disease?…

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